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DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
26 Sept 2022$0.03105641$0.03268922$0.03078998$0.03104939-0.022%
25 Sept 2022$0.03240985$0.03323578$0.0322524$0.032414030.013%
24 Sept 2022$0.03312797$0.03358852$0.03225125$0.033140470.038%
23 Sept 2022$0.03246499$0.03376601$0.03193116$0.03247910.044%
22 Sept 2022$0.03129572$0.03372424$0.03091292$0.031308550.041%
21 Sept 2022$0.03131668$0.03251398$0.0312638$0.031327370.035%
20 Sept 2022$0.03214803$0.0325705$0.03098939$0.03214177-0.019%
19 Sept 2022$0.03113238$0.03470726$0.03101342$0.031185740.172%
18 Sept 2022$0.03460315$0.03490966$0.03411029$0.034610680.022%
17 Sept 2022$0.03378416$0.03428441$0.0335118$0.0337822-0.005%

ZIL Price Live Data

Zilliqa price today is USD 0.032 and the trading volume in 24 hour is USD 38,833,557. Price change in the ZIL price in the last 24 hour is -0.001 . It has a circulating supply of 14,879,547,120.578 coins and a total supply of 21,000,000,000. Total market cap of the ZIL is USD 471,702,558 which has the movement of -1.335 in the last 24 hours

What is Ziliqua?

Zilliqa is a smart contract-enabled blockchain, similar to Ethereum. However, it features a sharded architecture that aims to address the scalability limitations seen in Ethereum. Zilliqa has its programming language called Scilla

The Team Behind Ziliqua

Zilliqa was created by two researchers from the National University of Singapore, Amrit Kumar and Xinshu Don, in 2017. Zilliqa had raised $22 million in its Initial Coin Offering (ICO

Top Value Drivers For Ziliqua

The main reasons to invest in Zilliqa include: 1. Zilliqa is one of the first public blockchains to depend entirely on a sharded network. This allows high throughput and an increased rate of transactions per second. 2. Zilliqa targets large-scale enterprise companies


The current price of Zilliqa is USD 0.032.

Highest and lowest price of Zilliqa is USD 0.032 and USD 0.031 respectively.

The total supply of Zilliqa is 21,000,000,000 and circulating supply of Zilliqa is 14,879,547,120.578

The trading volume of Zilliqa is 38,833,557 in the last 24 hours.