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Historical Data for Compound

DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
6 Oct 202259.4860.3658.1959.90.707%
5 Oct 202259.8761.1859.5960.591.203%
4 Oct 202260.4960.7458.6358.63-3.074%
3 Oct 202260.6260.8657.6558.82-2.969%
2 Oct 202260.6163.1860.5261.130.858%
1 Oct 202262.4762.7860.5962.470%
30 Sept 202260.662.9259.6262.473.086%
29 Sept 202260.6463.2158.3862.012.26%
28 Sept 202258.8764.7258.6961.975.266%
27 Sept 202264.7665.761.5562.37-3.69%

COMP Price Live Data

Compound price today is USD 59.05 and the trading volume in 24 hour is USD 22,025,539. Price change in the COMP price in the last 24 hour is -0.156 . It has a circulating supply of 6,856,085.763 coins and a total supply of 10,000,000. Total market cap of the COMP is USD 404,583,384 which has the movement of -0.563 in the last 24 hours

What is Compound (COMP)?

Compound is a decentralized interest rate market that allow users to lend and borrow Ethereum tokens at variable interest rates. Compound (COMP) is an Ethereum token that enables community governance of the Compound protocol

The Team Behind Compound

Compound Labs was established in August 2017 by Geoffrey Hayes and Robert Leshner. The company has its office in San Francisco, California, USA. In 2018 Compound raised $8.2 million in funding from prominent venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Bain Capital Ventures. Compound raised a further $25 million in 2019

Top Value Drivers For Compound

The main reasons to invest in Compound include: - Compound was one of the first decentralized application where users can borrow and lend cryptocurrencies without revealing their Identity(no KYC) - Every time a user interacts with a Compound market(by borrowing or lending) they are rewarded with additional COMP tokens. - More than a billion dollars in assets are locked in Compound


The current price of Compound is USD 59.05.

Highest and lowest price of Compound is USD 60.34 and USD 58.68 respectively.

The total supply of Compound is 10,000,000 and circulating supply of Compound is 6,856,085.763

The trading volume of Compound is 22,025,539 in the last 24 hours.