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DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
31 Mar 2023$0.363666$0.381362$0.363666$0.3736192.737%
30 Mar 2023$0.357412$0.359723$0.355031$0.3577480.095%
29 Mar 2023$0.33948$0.358797$0.336809$0.3572795.244%
28 Mar 2023$0.337352$0.352749$0.335094$0.3386270.378%
27 Mar 2023$0.358193$0.365994$0.350876$0.352864-1.487%
26 Mar 2023$0.35802$0.360575$0.347075$0.3583050.08%
25 Mar 2023$0.369276$0.370047$0.347399$0.358199-2.999%
24 Mar 2023$0.368331$0.374709$0.358691$0.364439-1.056%
23 Mar 2023$0.358266$0.377531$0.350315$0.3596280.381%
22 Mar 2023$0.373825$0.378904$0.356872$0.364659-2.451%

STORJ Price Live Data

Storj price today is USD 0.372 and the trading volume in 24 hour is USD 26,985,406. Price change in the STORJ price in the last 24 hour is 0.002 . It has a circulating supply of 143,787,438.7 coins and a total supply of 424,999,998. Total market cap of the STORJ is USD 53,583,198 which has the movement of 1.117 in the last 24 hours

What is STORJ?

Storj is an open-source cloud storage platform pronounced: "storage." It works by storing user data on a decentralised network of nodes. Advanced encryption is also used to protect data hosted on the site. The concept of Storj was first introduced to the world. It was supposed to be a decentralised, encrypted, peer-to-peer cloud storage platform

The Team Behind STORJ

Shawn Wilkinson and co-founder John Quinn launched Storj in May 2014. Wilkinson was an Atlanta-based software engineer. He recognized the potential for blockchain technology to be used to create a decentralised cloud storage network. John Quinn - Besides being a blockchain enthusiast, Quinn has strong business development expertise. Before starting his projects, he worked in the investment banking industry (including Storj

Top Value Drivers for STORJ

The following are the major reasons to invest in Storj: - Unlike standard cloud storage systems, Storj uses a network of thousands of separate machines to store data. - By installing its software Tardigrade, anyone with a few additional terabytes of space can become a node on the platform and be rewarded


The current price of Storj is USD 0.372.

Highest and lowest price of Storj is USD 0.384 and USD 0.364 respectively.

The total supply of Storj is 424,999,998 and circulating supply of Storj is 143,787,438.7

The trading volume of Storj is 26,985,406 in the last 24 hours.