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DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
31 Mar 2023$0.097728$0.097943$0.095856$0.096705-1.046%
30 Mar 2023$0.098583$0.100429$0.097417$0.0986190.037%
29 Mar 2023$0.097701$0.09882$0.094944$0.097508-0.197%
28 Mar 2023$0.094377$0.097441$0.092733$0.0970252.806%
27 Mar 2023$0.09859$0.09934$0.094685$0.095605-3.027%
26 Mar 2023$0.095594$0.099863$0.094541$0.0997054.301%
25 Mar 2023$0.100091$0.100986$0.095624$0.096713-3.374%
24 Mar 2023$0.101433$0.103237$0.0977$0.100245-1.171%
23 Mar 2023$0.101916$0.10396$0.096418$0.1022170.296%
22 Mar 2023$0.103928$0.104655$0.101031$0.102906-0.983%

REQ Price Live Data

Request price today is USD 0.097 and the trading volume in 24 hour is USD 1,447,618. Price change in the REQ price in the last 24 hour is -0.002 . It has a circulating supply of 768,884,452.352 coins and a total supply of 999,779,469.108. Total market cap of the REQ is USD 74,476,850 which has the movement of -1.788 in the last 24 hours

What is Request (REQ)?

Request is a decentralized network that facilitates the creation, sharing, or fulfillment of payment requests. All of the information is stored in a decentralized authentic ledger. The platform allows anyone to write on their Request Ledger and create a payment request. In addition, the Request (REQ) utility token ensures the performance and stability of the Request Network

The Team Behind REQ

Christophe Lassuyt and Etienne Tatur are the creators of Request. Request's current chief financial officer is Christophe Lassuyt. He co-founded MONEYTIS before this post. Request's chief technological officer is Etienne Tatur. As a lead developer, he previously co-founded MONEYTIS and worked at QOBUZ, a music streaming service

Top Value Drivers For REQ

The main reasons to invest in Request include: Payments on Demand are made by simply transmitting an invoice via the blockchain. Users are not required to share their account information with others. The implementation of blockchain technology also reduces transaction costs by eliminating the need for third-party processors


The current price of Request is USD 0.097.

Highest and lowest price of Request is USD 0.099 and USD 0.095 respectively.

The total supply of Request is 999,779,469.108 and circulating supply of Request is 768,884,452.352

The trading volume of Request is 1,447,618 in the last 24 hours.