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Historical Data for Polygon

DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
22 Sept 2023$0.519016$0.537165$0.519016$0.5208560.355%
21 Sept 2023$0.541485$0.54589$0.539099$0.540199-0.237%
20 Sept 2023$0.542362$0.544578$0.540074$0.540678-0.31%
19 Sept 2023$0.530777$0.533842$0.522731$0.526843-0.741%
18 Sept 2023$0.522598$0.525205$0.515095$0.5230830.093%
17 Sept 2023$0.527636$0.52878$0.520595$0.5281780.103%
16 Sept 2023$0.521552$0.529551$0.516711$0.5295511.534%
15 Sept 2023$0.524714$0.526262$0.517801$0.5253220.116%
14 Sept 2023$0.514279$0.515833$0.510427$0.5158330.303%
13 Sept 2023$0.501745$0.510766$0.501745$0.5063170.912%

MATIC Price Live Data

Polygon price today is USD 0.519 and the trading volume in 24 hour is USD 121,799,994. Price change in the MATIC price in the last 24 hour is -0.003 . It has a circulating supply of 9,319,469,069.285 coins and a total supply of 10,000,000,000. Total market cap of the MATIC is USD 4,837,861,184 which has the movement of -0.757 in the last 24 hours

What is Polygon?

Polygon, previously known as MATIC Blockchain, is a layer two scaling solution for Ethereum blockchain. Polygon solves pain points associated with Blockchains, like high gas fees and slow speeds, without sacrificing security. Polygon has a utility token known as MATIC. It is used in the polygon ecosystem for governance, staking, as well as paying fees

The Team Behind Polygon

Sandeep Nailwal - Sandeep Nailwal is an Indian entrepreneur, software developer, and founder of Polygon Jaynti Kanani - Kanani co-founded Matic Network after seeing the huge load Ethereum blockchain had at the time of CryptoKitties' popularity. Anurag Arjun - Arjun joined the Matic Network team as a co-founder and Chief Product Officer. Arjun defines the company's product roadmap, handles integrations with partner networks and DApps, and maintains the Polygon team. Mihailo Bjelic - He's a co-founder at Polygon (Matic Network). Bjelic studied Information Systems Engineering at the University of Belgrade

Top Value Drivers for Polygon

The main reasons to invest in Polygon: - Polygon facilitates fast and secure off-chain transactions for payments and is a scaling solution for the Ethereum network. - Upcoming internal developments and partnerships might provide the boost Polygon needs for faster growth. 3 - Reduces the complexity of scalability and instant blockchain transactions


The current price of Polygon is USD 0.519.

Highest and lowest price of Polygon is USD 0.524 and USD 0.516 respectively.

The total supply of Polygon is 10,000,000,000 and circulating supply of Polygon is 9,319,469,069.285

The trading volume of Polygon is 121,799,994 in the last 24 hours.