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Immutable X price today is USD 3.12 and the trading volume in 24 hour is USD 78,308,842. Price change in the IMX price in the last 24 hour is -0.045 . It has a circulating supply of 1,389,224,659.39 coins and a total supply of 2,000,000,000. Total market cap of the IMX is USD 4,339,380,747 which has the movement of -1.332 in the last 24 hours

What is Immutable-X?

Immutable X is the first layer two solution for trading non-fungible tokens(NFTs) on Ethereum. A layer two solution helps solve the scalability problem of Ethereum while still using Ethereum’s security and network effects. Immutable X uses ZK(Zero-Knowledge) Rollup technology, a novel technology that Ethereum’s Founder, Vitalik Buterin, has praised

The Team Behind Immutable-X

Immutable X is a joint partnership between StarkWare and Immutable, two significant blockchain and gaming entities. Immutable was previously known as Fuel Games. It is an Australian blockchain gaming company established in 2018 by James Ferguson, Robbie Ferguson, and Alex Connolly. They are behind the now-famous game 'Gods Unchained.' StarkWare Industries is an Israelian blockchain-scaling-focused company created by Eli Ben-Sasson, Uri Kolodny, and Michael Riabzev in 2018

Top Value Drivers For Immutable-X

The main reasons to invest in Immutable-X include 1. Immutable X benefits from being the first layer-two solutions that utilize zk-rollups and focus exclusively on NFTs. 2. Immutable X has a good chance of becoming the de-facto “NFT blockchain,” provided its transaction speed of more than 9,000 tps. 3. Immutable X can support a third-party marketplace ecosystem without security risks. 4. Any NFT created or traded on Immutable X is 100% carbon neutral


The current price of Immutable X is USD 3.12.

Highest and lowest price of Immutable X is USD 3.21 and USD 3.02 respectively.

The total supply of Immutable X is 2,000,000,000 and circulating supply of Immutable X is 1,389,224,659.39

The trading volume of Immutable X is 78,308,842 in the last 24 hours.