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What's Filecoin?

Filecoin is a decentralized(not controlled by a single entity) blockchain solution for storing files on the web. Simply said, it is a decentralized version of Amazon's Web Service or AWS. Filecoin raised $200 million from its Initial Coin Offering(ICO) in 2017

Who's Behind Filecoin?

Protocol Labs is the creator of Filecoin, and in turn, Protocol Labs was founded by American Programmer Juan Benet. Benet studied at Stanford University and attended Y combinator intending to support Protocol Labs

What Makes Filecoin Promising?

1. FIL is the cryptocurrency used to reward "Miners" who host files. 2. NFT projects widely use Filecoin 3. Filecoin is used as a decentralized way to host the front ends of Decentralized Applications 4. Decentralization makes it harder to hack. Centralized solutions like Dropbox and Apple's iCloud have been compromised


The current price of Filecoin is USD 6.141.

The total supply of Filecoin is 1,960,778,808 and circulating supply of Filecoin is 531,368,331

The trading volume of Filecoin is 526,539,290 in the last 24 hours.