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19.443 ETH

43,983 USD

1.002 BTC

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Historical Data for Wrapped Bitcoin

DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
6 Dec 2023₹3,638,081.78₹3,680,590.53₹3,630,496.89₹3,634,164.31-0.107%
5 Dec 2023₹3,491,218.23₹3,524,891.83₹3,468,296.85₹3,524,891.830.965%
4 Dec 2023₹3,332,935.67₹3,478,048.86₹3,295,761.36₹3,295,928.06-1.11%
3 Dec 2023₹3,301,429.19₹3,312,264.75₹3,274,090.23₹3,298,345.22-0.093%
2 Dec 2023₹3,234,832.16₹3,237,165.97₹3,220,329.17₹3,229,164.32-0.175%
1 Dec 2023₹3,225,080.15₹3,225,080.15₹3,146,814.05₹3,147,147.45-2.416%
30 Nov 2023₹3,158,233.06₹3,165,484.56₹3,140,479.41₹3,141,312.92-0.535%
29 Nov 2023₹3,152,815.28₹3,178,987.33₹3,138,729.05₹3,144,980.34-0.248%
28 Nov 2023₹3,088,552.06₹3,173,152.8₹3,067,881.14₹3,099,304.270.349%
27 Nov 2023₹3,106,305.71₹3,134,394.83₹3,061,713.21₹3,086,384.95-0.641%

WBTC Price Live Data

Wrapped Bitcoin price today is INR 3,666,004.193 and the trading volume in 24 hour is INR 182,845,516. Price change in the WBTC price in the last 24 hour is 38,395.399 . It has a circulating supply of 159,284.318 coins and a total supply of 159,284.318. Total market cap of the WBTC is INR 583,557,549,858.152 which has the movement of 0.227 in the last 24 hours

What is Wrapped Bitcoin?

Bitcoin that lives on the Ethereum blockchain is called Wrapped Bitcoin or wBTC. wBTC is backed 1:1 with Bitcoin. A company known as Bitgo Reserve holds the backed Bitcoin. wBTC lets users use Bitcoin on the Ethereum ecosystem

The Team Behind Wrapped Bitcoin?

Wrapped Bitcoin or wBTC was launched in 2019 through a joint project of BitGo, Kyber Network, and Ren. Bitgo is an institutional digital asset financial services firm. Kyber is a Defi application on the Ethereum Blockchain. Ren is focused on the cross-blockchain integration of cryptocurrency

What Makes it Promising?

The main reasons to invest in wrapped bitcoin are: 1. Wrapped Bitcoin allows Bitcoin exposure in the Ethereum ecosystem. 2. wBTC can be used in DeFi applications on different blockchains like Ethereum


The current price of Wrapped Bitcoin is INR 3,666,004.193.

Highest and lowest price of Wrapped Bitcoin is INR 3,681,173.98 and INR 3,625,245.808 respectively.

The total supply of Wrapped Bitcoin is 159,284.318 and circulating supply of Wrapped Bitcoin is 159,284.318

The trading volume of Wrapped Bitcoin is 182,845,516 in the last 24 hours.