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Cosmos price today is INR 820.166 and the trading volume in 24 hour is INR 211,732,455. Price change in the ATOM price in the last 24 hour is -56.629 . It has a circulating supply of 383,774,098.795 coins and a total supply of 383,774,098.795. Total market cap of the ATOM is INR 315,610,057,477.997 which has the movement of -5.536 in the last 24 hours

What is Cosmos?

Cosmos is a network of separate blockchains that communicate for safe data and value transfer via IBC, an intercommunication protocol built after the Internet's TCP/IP. Cosmos aims to become the blockchain that connects all other blockchains in its blockchain interoperability platform. Blockchains that use its platform include Terra/LUNA terra-luna|c|luna , Crypto.com's Cronos Chain crypto-com-chain|c|cro , THORChain thorchain|c|rune , etc. Cosmos is a proof-of-stake(POS) blockchain using ATOM as its native cryptocurrency

The Team Behind Cosmos

Jae Kwon and Ethen Buchman came up with the idea for Cosmos. However, the Swiss non-profit Interchain Foundation (ICF) and Tendermint provide direct support. Kwon stepped down as CEO in 2020, despite being still identified as the principal architect. Peng Zhong has taken his place as Tendermint's CEO, and the entire board of directors has been restructured

Top Value Drivers For Cosmos

The main reasons to invest in Cosmos include: - Blockchains are currently fragmented by having no secure way to transfer value between them. Cosmos desires to change this through its Inter-Blockchain Communications (IBC) standard. - IBC is presently used by >40 projects, including Terra, Osmosis, and the Crypto.com chain. - Atom can be staked to receive staking rewards from fees and airdrops


The current price of Cosmos is INR 820.166.

Highest and lowest price of Cosmos is INR 879.045 and INR 816.019 respectively.

The total supply of Cosmos is 383,774,098.795 and circulating supply of Cosmos is 383,774,098.795

The trading volume of Cosmos is 211,732,455 in the last 24 hours.