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What is The Graph (GRT)?

The Graph is a protocol that helps sort and query data for blockchains like Ethereum. Everything on the Ethereum ethereum|c|eth blockchain is visible to the public. Many developers want to develop applications that use data found on the blockchain. However, without a way to query data from the blockchain, it would be impossible to get information out of it fast and efficiently. That is why The Graph was created

The Team Behind The Graph

Yaniv Tal, Jannis Pohlmann, and Brandon Ramirez came up with the idea for The Graph in late 2017 and launched it in the summer of 2018. The three of them had previously collaborated on several software development firms. They sought to make it simpler for programmers to create reliable software. The trio was introduced to Ethereum in 2017, which piqued their attention and prompted them to begin developing dapps. The project has received many funding rounds, totaling approximately $25 million. It is backed by big names, including Coinbase Ventures and Multicoin Capital

Top Value Drivers For The Graph

The main reasons to invest in The Graph include: - The Graphs product is a vital piece of blockchain infrastructure. - The GRT token is used to secure the data's economic security and integrity. - GRT is a work token that Indexers, Curators, and Delegators use to offer the network with indexing and curating services. - Users can make money by staking GRT tokens on the network


The current price of The Graph is USD 0.195.

The total supply of The Graph is 10,788,004,319 and circulating supply of The Graph is 9,456,760,089.937

The trading volume of The Graph is 68,588,225 in the last 24 hours.