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Historical Data for Decentraland

DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
28 May 2023$0.468986$0.479898$0.467987$0.4695320.117%
27 May 2023$0.459934$0.4699$0.459934$0.4640570.897%
26 May 2023$0.460389$0.470026$0.459818$0.459818-0.124%
25 May 2023$0.45774$0.461072$0.452464$0.4591390.306%
24 May 2023$0.483663$0.484491$0.478733$0.479764-0.806%
23 May 2023$0.484474$0.489747$0.477425$0.4888590.906%
22 May 2023$0.484918$0.489901$0.475525$0.484478-0.09%
21 May 2023$0.484177$0.494279$0.484177$0.4871430.613%
20 May 2023$0.493067$0.498797$0.485077$0.4966350.724%
19 May 2023$0.500951$0.510938$0.49138$0.50055-0.08%

MANA Price Live Data

Decentraland price today is USD 0.483 and the trading volume in 24 hour is USD 54,362,465. Price change in the MANA price in the last 24 hour is 0.012 . It has a circulating supply of 1,824,348,987.207 coins and a total supply of 2,193,179,327.32. Total market cap of the MANA is USD 881,305,203 which has the movement of 2.522 in the last 24 hours

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland decentraland|c|mana is a blockchain-powered virtual 3D world where users can buy, sell, trade Lands, skins, wearable items, etc. The Ethereum Blockchain powers Decentraland. Its native token MANA is used for in-app purchases and voting on the direction of Decentraland. It also has another token known as LAND, representing digital ownership of Land parcels (NFT

The Team Behind Decentraland

Two Argentinians, Esteban Ordino, and Ariel Meilich created Decentraland in 2015. It launched in 2017, with MANA token selling for $0.02 and raising $26 million

What Makes Decentraland Promising?

The main reasons to invest in Decentraland are: 1. Decentraland is one of the most prominent players in the Metaverse space. 2. Decentraland has partnerships with top companies like Samsung, Adidas, and Atari 3. Metaverse fashion week was hosted on Decentraland and included participation from top designers, including Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger 4. To acquire LAND, users must burn MANA tokens


The current price of Decentraland is USD 0.483.

Highest and lowest price of Decentraland is USD 0.487 and USD 0.467 respectively.

The total supply of Decentraland is 2,193,179,327.32 and circulating supply of Decentraland is 1,824,348,987.207

The trading volume of Decentraland is 54,362,465 in the last 24 hours.