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What is PERP?

Perpetual Protocol (PERP) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for Ethereum and xDai blockchain. Traders can trade long or short on many assets, including BTC, ETH, DOT, SNX, YFI, and others, with up to 10X leverage. Perpetual Protocol's stated goal is to build the best, most accessible, and secure decentralised derivatives trading platform globally

The Team Behind PERP

Yenfen Feng and Shao-Kang Lee founded Perpetual Protocol. Feng is a well-known figure in the software development industry. He co-founded many software development companies and served as the CEO of a handful before founding the Perpetual Protocol system. Cubie Inc, Zaoo Inc, gamelet.com, Willmobile Inc, and a few others. Lee has two degrees in software engineering and information technology. Lee worked as a developer for several firms before launching his own business

Top Value Drivers for PERP

The main reasons to invest in Perpetual Protocol include: - Because the network is open source, anyone may inspect the platform's procedures to verify there are no irregularities. Additionally, the platform has completed many third-party audits and is covered by insurance. - To deliver rapid transactions with low fees, the network incorporates Layer 2 scaling techniques. - Users can secure passive rewards by staking their PERP tokens. The number of tokens you lock up determines your staking earnings in the Perpetual Protocol ecosystem


The current price of Perpetual Protocol is USD 0.81.

The total supply of Perpetual Protocol is 150,000,000 and circulating supply of Perpetual Protocol is 72,609,864.244

The trading volume of Perpetual Protocol is 7,079,872 in the last 24 hours.