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What is CKB?

Nervos Network is a public blockchain & collection of protocols that aim to solve the scaling limitations facing traditional networks like Bitcoin & Ethereum. It is a layer-1 protocol that uses Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus & supports smart contract development. It also consists of a series of layer-2 scaling solutions to facilitate high-volume use cases. Nervos' native token (CKByte or CKB) allows users and developers to claim storage space on the Nervos blockchain in proportion to their holdings

The Team Behind CKB

- Terry Tai: Jack of all trades Core developer at Yunbi & Peatio cryptocurrency exchange, co-founder of Teahour.fm, one of China's most popular tech podcasts. - Kevin Wang: Co-founder of Launch School, previously worked on enterprise data solutions at IBM Silicon Valley Lab, consultant & engineer. - Daniel Lv: Former CTO of imToken (world's most popular Ethereum wallet), former CTO of Yunbi, and co-founder of ruby-china.org and KOL

Top Value Drivers For CKB

The main reasons to invest in Nervos Network includes:- - 1. The design of Nervos Network is a permissionless, sustainably secure & decentralized 'Layer 1' blockchain that is built to scale with 'Layer 2' solutions, making Nervos the only PoW, store of value, multi-asset & smart contract platform. - It aims to capture the total network value through its "store of value" crypto-economic design and native token, the CKByte


The current price of Nervos Network is USD 0.016.

The total supply of Nervos Network is 44,538,776,915.192 and circulating supply of Nervos Network is 43,857,642,495.474

The trading volume of Nervos Network is 20,021,537 in the last 24 hours.