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What is MINA?

Mina is a lightweight blockchain designed to be a decentralized payment system. It maintains a constant size of just 22 kB, regardless of how many transactions. The small size allows anyone to operate a node and help secure its network without needing sophisticated computer hardware. The Mina protocol's heart is MINA, its native currency, which functions as a utility coin and medium of exchange

The Team Behind MINA

O(1) Labs created Mina Protocol, founded in 2017 by Evan Shapiro and Izaak Meckler. The Mina Protocol mainnet was launched on March 2021 The Mina Foundation will manage grants for community developers and support the Mina network’s assets

Top Value Drivers For MINA

The main reasons to invest in Mina include:- - Anyone can be a miner; No need for sophisticated hardware - It is a lightweight blockchain and thus scalable


The current price of Mina Protocol is USD 0.551.

The total supply of Mina Protocol is 1,142,166,412.84 and circulating supply of Mina Protocol is 1,078,336,987.84

The trading volume of Mina Protocol is 29,107,841 in the last 24 hours.