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What is Kadena

Bitcoin is the king of all cryptocurrencies, using a consensus mechanism known as Proof-of-Work (PoW). However, a common argument against PoW blockchains is that they are too energy-intensive and costly. However, what if there is a Layer-1 PoW blockchain that’s not only energy-efficient but completely scalable, decentralized, and secure? That is what Kadena claims to be. Kadena’s token (KDA) has gone parabolic in 2021, growing from a $10 million market cap to a stunning $3 billion Market Cap at its peak

The Team Behind Kadena

The project was founded by Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino, who were leading JPMorgan’s Blockchain group and the SEC’s Cryptocurrency Steering Committee respectively. Together, they built JPMorgan’s first blockchain, now known as JPM Coin, and eventually moved on to start Kadena. Co-founder Will Martino’s expertise in the SEC (America’s Securities and Exchange Commission) is especially important. The project also features members who worked at Microsoft, Google, and Disney. Most notably though, their team includes Dr. Stuart Haber, the co-inventor of blockchain, whose studies were cited multiple times in the Bitcoin White Paper itself

Top Value Drivers for Kadena

The main reasons to invest in Kadena include:- - Offers low-cost transactions in a PoW setting, offering fast processing transactions. - Kadena can do 480,000 transactions per second (TPS) compared to Ethereums ~15 TPS and Bitcoins ~5 TPS. - The founders are well experienced and knowledgeable in the space


The current price of Kadena is USD 0.966.

The total supply of Kadena is 1,000,000,000 and circulating supply of Kadena is 269,884,135.223

The trading volume of Kadena is 14,258,691 in the last 24 hours.