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What is Curve (CRV)?

Curve is an Ethereum based exchange for stablecoins. Curve awards the CRV token to users who provide liquidity to their platform. Traders then use the platform to exchange different stable coins, avoiding slippage and high fees

The Team Behind Curve

The founder and CEO of Curve is Michael Egorov, a Russian scientist who has various experience with cryptocurrency-related enterprises. In 2015, he co-founded and became CTO of NuCypher, a cryptocurrency business building privacy-preserving infrastructure and protocols

Top Value Drivers For Curve

The main reasons to invest in Curve include: - Launched in January 2020, Curve is now synonymous with the decentralized finance (DeFi) phenomenon, and has seen significant growth since 2020. - The platform makes money by charging a modest fee which is paid to liquidity providers. - There are platforms like Convex, which are built on top of Curve with the sole purpose of acquiring more CRV tokens to increase their voting power. This led to what is known as “CRV Wars”, benefitting CRV holders


The current price of Curve Dao Token is USD 0.492.

The total supply of Curve Dao Token is 2,097,800,165.849 and circulating supply of Curve Dao Token is 1,171,635,195

The trading volume of Curve Dao Token is 84,151,281 in the last 24 hours.