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What is Bancor?

Bancor is a decentralized exchange or DEX built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can trade between tokens without any intermediary. The built-in token BNT serves as the common price token to fulfill trades among tokens. A portion of total trading fees are distributed to Liquidity Providers, or LPs, that deposit tokens into Liquidity Pools

The Team Behind Bancor

Bancor was started in 2017 by Eyal Hertzog, Yudi Levi, and Galia and Guy Benartzi. The Bancor Foundation, based in Switzerland, offers grants and technical support to developers and organizations building applications using the Bancor Protocol

Top Value Drivers for Bancor

The main reasons to invest in Bancor include: - Bancor enables the seamless conversion of tokens used in the network. - Users can provide liquidity in return for fees. - Bancor v3 has no Impermanent Loss, a problem faced by Liquidity Providers


The current price of Bancor Network Token is USD 0.615.

The total supply of Bancor Network Token is 131,282,686.633 and circulating supply of Bancor Network Token is 131,282,686.633

The trading volume of Bancor Network Token is 8,703,166 in the last 24 hours.