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Historical Data for Zenon

DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
30 May 2023₹133.87₹133.87₹133.87₹133.870%
17 Apr 2023₹182.93₹182.93₹182.93₹182.930%
6 Apr 2023₹118.07₹118.07₹118.07₹118.070%
5 Apr 2023₹90.55₹90.55₹90.55₹90.550%
29 Mar 2023₹107.26₹107.26₹107.26₹107.260%
27 Mar 2023₹192.9₹192.9₹192.9₹192.90%
26 Mar 2023₹113.08₹113.08₹112.25₹112.25-0.735%
25 Mar 2023₹103.94₹103.94₹103.94₹103.940%
24 Mar 2023₹145.51₹145.51₹145.51₹145.510%
23 Mar 2023₹167.13₹167.13₹167.13₹167.130%

ZNN Price Live Data

Zenon price today is INR 133.869 and the trading volume in 24 hour is INR 3,670.46. Price change in the ZNN price in the last 24 hour is -16.491 . It has a circulating supply of 8,568,239 coins and a total supply of 415,154.8. Total market cap of the ZNN is INR 1,151,329,441.25 which has the movement of -10.744 in the last 24 hours

What is Zenon (ZNN)?

Zenon is a POS/MS hybrid cryptocurrency that offers the Network of Momentum (NoM). This sharding-based decentralized architecture aims to improve upon existing blockchain and DAG topologies.  Due to sharding, the network can scale linearly as the number of nodes grows. ZNN is the native crypto of the Zenon network

The Team Behind ZNN

The Zenon team is anonymous The team focuses on what matters: Network development, adoption, and decentralization Zenon team is incredibly receptive to community inputs

Top Value Drivers For ZNN

The main reasons to invest in Zenon include: Designed for scalability and enabling massively concurrent transactional throughput while preserving decentralization A programmable cryptocurrency that enables tokenization of value and zApps development A dual-ledger system secured by state-of-the-art cryptography based on a decentralized p2p network with distributed topology


The current price of Zenon is INR 133.869.

Highest and lowest price of Zenon is INR 163.803 and INR 133.869 respectively.

The total supply of Zenon is 415,154.8 and circulating supply of Zenon is 8,568,239

The trading volume of Zenon is 3,670.46 in the last 24 hours.