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20 Sept 2023₹0.11508519186492011₹0.11552255367608087₹0.11403668759900053₹0.115522553676080870.381%
19 Sept 2023₹0.11486900541833876₹0.1155915670417203₹0.11471767490573181₹0.115401988157795110.464%
18 Sept 2023₹0.11472432679639585₹0.11542111234345423₹0.11329084435829484₹0.11373818400545166-0.859%
17 Sept 2023₹0.11430941511622625₹0.11627920623911563₹0.11296656468842281₹0.114936355811312190.549%
16 Sept 2023₹0.11551340732641781₹0.11698181219050503₹0.11451728669947756₹0.114748439900053-0.662%
15 Sept 2023₹0.11415475865828727₹0.11626839691678655₹0.11390281829938669₹0.116268396916786551.852%
14 Sept 2023₹0.11475426030438404₹0.11660514888165367₹0.1115172840099947₹0.116605148881653671.613%
13 Sept 2023₹0.11254416963125616₹0.11268635379420004₹0.11039228300143863₹0.11185653043386083-0.61%
12 Sept 2023₹0.11248679707427879₹0.11643303121072159₹0.10936207143484515₹0.112726265138184290.213%
11 Sept 2023₹0.11298652036041493₹0.11596240994624063₹0.11162205128795336₹0.112041951886121-0.836%

What is Smooth Love Potion (SLP)?

SLP tokens are used as a currency in the famous play to earn the game Axie Infinity. Users earn SLP through battle or adventure mode. SLP can be used to breed new digital pets, known as Axie. Besides SLP, Axie Infinity has a governance token called AXS, which players can use to determine the game's future direction

The Team Behind SLP

Axie Infinity was founded by Trung Nguyen, the current CEO of Sky Mavis. This Vietnamese gaming studio is building the Axie Infinity game. Sky Mavis has gone through several funding rounds, receiving funds from several notable investors, including Blocktower Capital and Mark Cuban, to develop the Axie Infinity ecosystem further

Top Value Drivers For SLP

The main reasons to invest in SLP include: - It is one of the few in-game currencies, that has been listed in an exchange like Binance - SLP is needed to breed new characters in the game


The current price of Smooth Love Potion is INR 0.114.

Highest and lowest price of Smooth Love Potion is INR 0.122 and INR 0.113 respectively.

The trading volume of Smooth Love Potion is 8,930,654 in the last 24 hours.