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Historical Data for Neutrino Usd

DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
6 Dec 2022₹72.32₹72.33₹72.32₹72.330.024%
5 Dec 2022₹69.16₹69.18₹69.16₹69.180.025%
4 Dec 2022₹71.85₹71.85₹71.84₹71.84-0.01%
3 Dec 2022₹72.77₹72.79₹72.77₹72.790.031%
2 Dec 2022₹73.03₹73.03₹72.57₹72.57-0.633%
1 Dec 2022₹75.44₹75.44₹75.18₹75.18-0.343%
30 Nov 2022₹76.19₹76.3₹76.19₹76.30.146%
29 Nov 2022₹75.48₹75.48₹75.35₹75.35-0.177%
27 Nov 2022₹75.28₹75.28₹75.28₹75.280.007%
26 Nov 2022₹74.9₹74.9₹74.83₹74.83-0.082%

USDN Price Live Data

Neutrino Usd price today is INR 72.316 and the trading volume in 24 hour is INR 1,936,060. Price change in the USDN price in the last 24 hour is 3.15 . It has a circulating supply of 101,498,470.383 coins and a total supply of 101,499,148.893. Total market cap of the USDN is INR 7,339,432,110.798 which has the movement of 4.415 in the last 24 hours

What is Neutrino USD (USDN)?

USDN (or Neutrino Dollar) is an algorithmic stablecoin in the Waves waves|c|waves ecosystem, pegged to the US dollar value.  It signifies that its value is 1:1 correlated with that of the US dollar. USDN holders are protected from crypto market volatility by the USD peg

The Team Behind USDN

The Waves network powers the Neutrino USD. Ventuary Lab collaborated with KozhinDev and Tradisys to build a beta version in 2019

Top Value Drivers For USDN

- Neutrino USD tokens can be utilized interchangeably and provide stablecoins that are more balanced and less volatile. - Neutrino USD employs a complex yield farming strategy and a reserve recapitalization mechanism. - The Neutrino USD project aids in the generation of block rewards for Waves network stakers


The current price of Neutrino Usd is INR 72.316.

Highest and lowest price of Neutrino Usd is INR 74.324 and INR 69.166 respectively.

The total supply of Neutrino Usd is 101,499,148.893 and circulating supply of Neutrino Usd is 101,498,470.383

The trading volume of Neutrino Usd is 1,936,060 in the last 24 hours.