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DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
27 Sept 2023₹0.782934097274574₹0.7976761553549261₹0.7773797335402325₹0.7815569410619568-0.175%
26 Sept 2023₹0.7874713945547906₹0.7985044449610653₹0.7824409489448143₹0.79850444496106531.402%
25 Sept 2023₹0.7871329268141293₹0.7995273327276831₹0.7770720355941767₹0.7842031433980363-0.372%
24 Sept 2023₹0.7925775172271753₹0.8027115906613249₹0.7915995367283603₹0.79302409505699130.057%
23 Sept 2023₹0.804377317650378₹0.8125604197833202₹0.7895412869540683₹0.8036696123744498-0.087%
22 Sept 2023₹0.8113071743651958₹0.8254862283658729₹0.8062925294605575₹0.81166476927547680.045%
21 Sept 2023₹0.8239028313677914₹0.8421052439171651₹0.8202653426757702₹0.8202653426757702-0.441%
20 Sept 2023₹0.8348111393635029₹0.8384137001805665₹0.8285948092371064₹0.8327437418124365-0.247%
19 Sept 2023₹0.8363820621205281₹0.8370348807358086₹0.8046442664089831₹0.8083075351991874-3.356%
18 Sept 2023₹0.8169621636440583₹0.8230678888330888₹0.7931746175657375₹0.82094310977316330.488%

ONE Price Live Data

Harmony price today is INR 0.801 and the trading volume in 24 hour is INR 5,415,010. Price change in the ONE price in the last 24 hour is 0.019 . It has a circulating supply of 12,305,426,115.001 coins and a total supply of 13,156,044,839.793. Total market cap of the ONE is INR 9,872,215,080.673 which has the movement of 2.487 in the last 24 hours

What is Harmony?

Harmony is a layer one blockchain protocol that achieves scalability, security, and decentralization using sharding and effective proof-of-stake. Harmony has a native token, ONE, that owners can stake on the network in exchange for block rewards and pay for transactions

The Team Behind Harmony

Stephen Tse is the CEO and founder of Harmony. Dr. Tse founded Harmony in 2017. The Harmony founding team comprises twelve people, seven of them being former employees at Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon

Top Value Drivers For Harmony

The main reasons to invest in Harmony include: - By introducing the sharding process, node validation times are reduced significantly. - Harmony introduced the Verifiable Random Function (VRF) for unbiased and unpredictable shard membership . - The project designed a new version of Proof-of-Stake (PoS), called Effective PoS (EPoS), which incentivizes users to delegate to smaller validators, thus reducing the tendency of stake centralization. - The Harmony Foundation maintains the remaining nodes but does not collect any staking rewards. The team intends to open up the remaining node slots to the community as the network progresses


The current price of Harmony is INR 0.801.

Highest and lowest price of Harmony is INR 0.805 and INR 0.777 respectively.

The total supply of Harmony is 13,156,044,839.793 and circulating supply of Harmony is 12,305,426,115.001

The trading volume of Harmony is 5,415,010 in the last 24 hours.