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DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
9 Dec 2022₹14.75₹14.9₹14.22₹14.74-0.112%
8 Dec 2022₹14.19₹14.31₹13.98₹14.04-1.096%
7 Dec 2022₹14.04₹14.58₹13.81₹14.050.023%
6 Dec 2022₹14.62₹14.71₹14.4₹14.660.252%
5 Dec 2022₹14.73₹14.86₹14.6₹14.69-0.27%
4 Dec 2022₹14.62₹14.81₹14.54₹14.760.952%
3 Dec 2022₹14.69₹14.82₹14.61₹14.68-0.018%
2 Dec 2022₹14.68₹14.76₹14.45₹14.70.145%
1 Dec 2022₹14.98₹15.08₹14.52₹14.85-0.866%
30 Nov 2022₹14.67₹14.86₹14.36₹14.65-0.114%

What is Steem (STEEM)?

Steem is a social blockchain that rewards users for sharing content. It is a fast, free and scalable blockchain protocol. STEEM is the primary coin of the Steem protocol. The reward pool distributes tokens to users on the platform based on their input

The Team Behind STEEM

Ned Scott, together with Dan Larimer, launched Steem

Top Value Drivers For STEEM

The main reasons to invest in Steem include: Supports it offers to its users by rewarding them for their valuable input to the protocol. The key principle guides Steem protocol is that the owners should pay those who contribute to a venture, just like startups do by allocating shares during funding rounds. Serves its community members by rendering various financial services and opportunities


The current price of Steem is INR 14.541.

Highest and lowest price of Steem is INR 14.801 and INR 14.535 respectively.

The trading volume of Steem is 4,926,312 in the last 24 hours.