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DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
20 Mar 2023₹3.62₹3.62₹3.61₹3.61-0.234%
19 Mar 2023₹3.44₹3.44₹3.43₹3.43-0.22%
17 Mar 2023₹3.23₹3.23₹3.23₹3.230%
16 Mar 2023₹3.08₹3.1₹3.08₹3.10.679%
15 Mar 2023₹3.18₹3.18₹3.16₹3.16-0.55%
14 Mar 2023₹3.23₹3.24₹3.23₹3.240.169%
13 Mar 2023₹3.2₹3.2₹3.2₹3.20.023%
12 Mar 2023₹3.02₹3.03₹3.02₹3.030.117%
11 Mar 2023₹3.21₹3.21₹3.21₹3.210.02%
9 Mar 2023₹3.37₹3.37₹3.37₹3.370.132%

XRD Price Live Data

Radix price today is INR 3.611 and the trading volume in 24 hour is INR 1,033,964. Price change in the XRD price in the last 24 hour is 0.171 . It has a circulating supply of 10,128,142,271.141 coins and a total supply of 12,528,124,327.38. Total market cap of the XRD is INR 36,544,098,045.725 which has the movement of 4.705 in the last 24 hours

What is Radix (XRD)?

Radix (XRD) is a layer-one protocol specifically built for DeFi purposes without the risk of network congestion, smart contract hacks, and exploits. Radix also boasts its own version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) called the Radix Engine. It allows developers to build for its ecosystem using pre-built Radix components. Combining all of these features, Radix aspires to replace leading DeFi chains like Ethereum and become the de-facto solution for decentralized finance in the future

The Team Behind Radix

Radix was founded in 2017 by the current CTO Dan Hughes, an expert in distributed ledger technologies that had been experimenting with Bitcoin back in 2011 and started working on scaling solutions in 2013. Hughes initially experimented with several scaling solutions like DAG and Channel Asynchronous State Trees and eventually decided to work with a data structure called Tempo for Radix. Working alongside him is CEO Piers Ridyard, an experienced founder and executive with a history of working in the blockchain, crypto, and financial services industries

Top Value Drivers For Radix

The main reasons to invest in Radix include: - Radix uses a new programming language called Scrypto, which is purpose-built for DeFi and enables fast and secure development of DeFi-focused DApps. - The execution efficiency of DeFi protocols is predicted to grow massively thanks to the Radix Engine, which replaces the Ethereum Virtual Machine


The current price of Radix is INR 3.611.

Highest and lowest price of Radix is INR 3.652 and INR 3.403 respectively.

The total supply of Radix is 12,528,124,327.38 and circulating supply of Radix is 10,128,142,271.141

The trading volume of Radix is 1,033,964 in the last 24 hours.