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Historical Data for Iota

DateOpenHighLowCloseChange %
19 Sept 2023₹12.33₹12.33₹12.33₹12.330%
16 Sept 2023₹13.21₹13.21₹13.21₹13.210%
13 Sept 2023₹13.22₹13.22₹13.22₹13.220%
11 Sept 2023₹14₹14₹14₹140%
8 Sept 2023₹14.82₹14.82₹14.82₹14.820%
27 Aug 2023₹12.42₹12.42₹12.42₹12.420%
31 Jul 2023₹14.47₹14.47₹14.47₹14.470%
30 Jul 2023₹14.75₹14.75₹14.75₹14.750%
25 Jul 2023₹14.38₹14.38₹14.38₹14.380%
11 Jul 2023₹14.78₹14.78₹14.78₹14.780%

IOTA Price Live Data

Iota price today is INR 12.333 and the trading volume in 24 hour is INR 13,452,170. Price change in the IOTA price in the last 24 hour is -0.153 . It has a circulating supply of 2,779,530,283.278 coins and a total supply of 2,779,530,283. Total market cap of the IOTA is INR 34,276,937,814.836 which has the movement of -1.359 in the last 24 hours

What is IOTA?

IOTA is a blockchain-based project designed to handle transactions between connected IOT devices. Its cryptocurrency is known as MIOTA. IOTA uses a type of centralized distributed network system known as Tangle and creates data storage and communication layer for web-enables devices

The Team Behind IOTA

IOTA has four co-founders, Sergey Ivancheglo, Serguei Popov, David Sønstebø and Dominik Schiener. IOTA is currently developed and supported by the IOTA Foundation, a German non-profit. In July 2019, IOTA co-founder Sergey Ivancheglo stepped down from the IOTA Foundation

Top Value Drivers For IOTA

The main reasons to invest in IOTA include: - It does not use a blockchain. Instead, it uses Tangle, a data structure referred to as a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) - IOTA is initially focused on serving as the backbone of the Internet-of-Things (IoT). - It has no transaction fees and requires no miners to process transactions - IOTA has established high-profile partnerships with the carmaker Volkswagen and helping the city of Taipei to pursue smart projects


The current price of Iota is INR 12.333.

Highest and lowest price of Iota is INR 12.61 and INR 12.195 respectively.

The total supply of Iota is 2,779,530,283 and circulating supply of Iota is 2,779,530,283.278

The trading volume of Iota is 13,452,170 in the last 24 hours.