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What our users say about Sahicoin

Kudos to sahicoin on this awesome initiative. One can learn about crypto in bit-sized flashcards, also experiment investments using Sahifolio. A wonderfully innovative and engaging feature.

Hanut Singh

Crypto Writer

Sahicoin has become an app through which I start my daily dose of crypto news. It is a perfect platform for anyone who wants to understand the world of crypto and NFTs with their trade recommendations, coin details, news updates and analysis from other members of the community.

Anuradha Kumari

Global FP&A Head, PayU

The Sahicoin App is a friendly, welcoming space where researchers and investors grow their knowledge together. It has been invaluable in using collective wisdom to recognize patterns and trends.

Chad Hines

Early User

I downloaded sahicoin a while back. One thing that I find very valuable is summarised and easy to understand flash cards. Also, a fan of sahifolio. I cannot stop playing with it on a daily basis.

Anuj Prakash

Growth Head, OKCredit

Sahicoin is a one of its kind product where you can learn all about crypto via their bite-sized flashcards. Follow analysts and 100s of creators on the app to make an informed decision about your crypto investment. On top of that, get back all the time & activity spent on the app in the form of Sahi points. Use these points to create your Sahifolio (in-built paper trading feature) and watch your Sahipoints grow as the market grows.

Shashank Gupta

Crypto Trader

New way, New Approach, New revolution to crypto social media platform #sahicoin #crypto #BTC

Barath Raj


By combining social media with cryptocurrency, Sahicoin provides easily digestible content about the latest news, recent developments, crypto trading tips, and educational content about new projects. I have earned rewards for creating content on the platform in the form of Sahi points and using them to trade crypto. The amazing feature called 'Sahifolio' allows us to experiment with our speculations in crypto trading.

Manisha Aileni

Blockchain Writer

I liked the fact that I was getting awarded points for being on the app, reading stuff and inviting friends. Also, I can increase the points when I invest using Sahifolio. I love it.

Abhishek Dhandharia

Early User

Sahicoin has become my one-stop shop for all crypto and blockchain related things happening across the globe. Have been an active user for the last month and simply love the experience. The concept of Sahipoints is one of its USP and can help you to get some really cool rewards.

Yash Panchal

Crypto Writer

About Sahicoin

Sahicoin is a global social network of crypto enthusiasts and market experts where users get the latest crypto news, trustworthy crypto recommendations and discover market insights effortlessly from the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sahicoin is the world's first intelligent social platform which aims to simplify and democratize information around crypto for early users by keeping it simple, easy and noiseless.

You can register for Sahicoin in very easy steps -

  • Enter your mobile number
  • Type and submit the OTP received in your SMS
  • Enter your name and select your profile picture
  • You are all set to explore the world of crypto in the SAHI way

No, Sahicoin is a social platform where you get simple and honest information in crypto through a network of friends and experts.

When you login into the app. You will see the following sections on the bottom of your screen -

  • Feed
  • Discover
  • Post
  • Portfolio
  • Profile

Feed is a collection of all the various cards shared by the people you follow on the app. The user can -

  • Sahivote it, if they like the content
  • Save the card
  • Share it with your network outside the app